Balance and Restore Energy with Adaptogens

As you walk through your local market or health food store, you might be bombarded with the idea that Americans are low on energy.
We drink countless cups of coffee and energy drinks each day, which over time, actually exhaust your adrenal system, leaving you more tired than ever.

Chuchuhuasi, the Rainforest Herb that Fights Inflammation

Chuchuhuasi is a little known rainforest herb used to fight inflammation. I first discovered Chuchuhuasi through a friend of mine who is schooled in every herbal remedy known to man. I was very skeptical at first when she told me it could help in ways similar to kratom. So about 3 years ago, I procured […]

What Is Blue Lotus Flower Used For?

Nymphaea caerulea, also known as the Blue Lotus flower or blue water lily, became popular among ancient Egyptians. It’s been used as traditional medicine, and it also had a place in spiritual rituals in ancient Egypt, where people regarded it as an aphrodisiac with psychedelic properties. The Blue Lotus flower isn’t just in old Egyptian […]

Akuamma Vs. Kratom: Which Is Best?

Kratom and Akuamma are both becoming increasingly popular within the same circles. Our customers regularly ask us about the difference between akuamma and kratom to help them determine which is more appealing. Both of these products are natural plant-based because they come to us from trees. When you decide to buy Akuamma or buy kratom […]

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