Chuchuhuasi, the Rainforest Herb that Fights Inflammation

Chuchuhuasi is a little known rainforest herb used to fight inflammation.

I first discovered Chuchuhuasi through a friend of mine who is schooled in every herbal remedy known to man. I was very skeptical at first when she told me it could help in ways similar to kratom.

So about 3 years ago, I procured my first batch and was blown away.

According to an article published by The Medicine Hunter, “Chuchuhuasi is highly popular throughout the Peruvian Amazon especially. Sections of bark are commonly sold in herbal markets, and many fluid preparations of chuchuhuasi can be found. Chuchuhuasi liquors, from wines to distilled alcohols, show up in grocery stores and airport gift shops. To say that chuchuhuasi is everywhere in the Peruvian Amazon is not much of an exaggeration.

Chuchuhuasi powder

Traditionally chuchuhuasi is used to relieve pain and inflammation, to treat arthritis, rheumatism and back pain, to restore vigor after a debilitating disease, as a general tonic, and for relieving menstrual pain and enhancing libido. Chuchuhuasi is pretty close to an all-in-one remedy. It is consumed by itself or with other herbs, and can be prepared by simply soaking some bark in a glass of water overnight, or by putting bark and cane alcohol (aguardiente) into a vessel and letting the alcohol extract the beneficial compounds from the bark.”

Typically Chuchuhuasi is taken by those who are looking for relief from back pain and it can certainly be effective in this manner, although not many studies have been done on humans to back this claim up.

According to the Supplement Police, “The key to how Chuchuhuasi works is due to its classification as an adaptogen. The substances known as adaptogens are known to help balance out the biological, chemical, physical, and even mental stressors in the body. By increasing the amounts of the organism that can resist these types of stressors, the body is able to function better. Over time, the continued increase in these adaptogens is able to promote optimum body function in users.

Most times adaptogens are introduced to the body in unnatural forms. There are chemicals and foreign ingredients that can be used to create this reaction in the body. However, Chuchuhuasi is able to offer the same benefits as these lab made options, but in an herbal form. Not only does this make Chuchuhuasi an amazing natural option for those who want to increase their adaptogen levels, but because it’s natural, it has no side effects, making it safe for almost everybody.”

If you’re looking for a natural herbal remedy to help with inflammation and support energy levels, Chuchuhuasi is a good option for you to try!

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Botanical Variety: Chuchuhuasi Extract

Ingredients: Contains 100% Chuchuhuasi

Harvested from: Indonesia

Description: Grown mostly in the Amazon rainforest area, Chuchuhuasi is well-known to the local people groups. It grows as an enormous canopy tree.

Botanical name: Maytenus krukovii



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