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Why Powder is the Best Form of Kratom

Why kratom powder is the best type of kratom

Throughout its long history in some parts of the world where it grows naturally, kratom has often been found either as fresh leaves or dried leaves. If you don’t have access to your own kratom tree, though, it’s not likely that you’ll be getting whole-leaf kratom any time soon. Furthermore, just for the sake of […]

Mitragynine: What Is the Active Ingredient in Kratom?

By now, you’ve heard about kratom. These leaves from the mitragyna speciosa tree have a long history in Southeast Asia, but this plant has really been skyrocketing in popularity in the United States recently. Much of the reason kratom is such a hot topic is because of the two alkaloids mitragynine and 7-hydroxymitragynine. Kratom Alkaloids: […]