Chaga Mushroom (Inonotus Obliquus) Powder




Botanical Variety: Chaga Mushroom Extract Powder

Ingredients: Contains 100% Chaga Mushroom

Harvested from: Russia

Description:  Japanese and Europeans call it Chaga. Chaga mushroom have been utilized in Eastern Europe and Korea for several centuries. At least as early as the sixteenth century, Eastern Europeans, Koreans, and Russians used Chaga mushrooms for a myriad of health issues. Today, the uses of Chaga mushrooms are being explored by researchers.

It is also called Chaga Polysaccharide, Chaga Extract, Inonotus Obliquus Extract, Organic Chaga Extract, Organic Chaga Powder, Wild Natural Chaga Mushroom Extract Powder.

Active Ingredients: Polysaccharides
Appearance: Brown yellow powder
Specification: Polysaccharides; 1%-6% Triterpenoid
Latin name: Inonqus obliquus.

Our product is extracted from Russian Chaga fruitbody, using pulverization, and water to extract. It is concentrated and spray dried in a GMP workshop. It is GMO-free. It includes: ß-glucan ; the trunk chain is ß (1 -3) ,and the lateral chain is ß (1 -6); alkaloids, protein, amino acids.
– Hot Water and alcohol (dual)  extracted
– Only fruiting body.
– No added mycelium, starch, grains, or fillers
– 80-90% soluble in water.

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Extract Ratio: 50%
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As with any Natural Botanical product, minor changes occur between batches resulting from weather or seasonal changes in the source country of Indonesia. However, we have an excellent record of consistency! We take pride in our company and want to provide the best for you!

We hope you enjoy all of life’s experiences.

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Weight 28 g

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